Manual Physical Therapy: 6 facts about IASTR 

Manual Physical Therapy

For a long time, hot packs, ice packs and/or exercises, maybe even ultrasound machines were central to an effective physiotherapy session. While these are all good treatment modalities which have been in use for decades, are they enough?  In our experience both as practitioners and recipients of services, we know the above-mentioned methods provide temporary […]

Let’s talk Vertigo: Causes, Treatment and Rehabilitation 

Vestibular rehabilitation Therapy Vancouver

Living with one or more episodes of vertigo can, most often, feel isolating. It falls into the category of an invisible injury; those around you cannot really see what’s going on and therefore have a hard time taking your symptoms seriously.   Vertigo: Causes, Treatment and Rehabilitation It’s most often laughed off; “As dizzy as a […]

Have you considered Shockwave Therapy for your heel, elbow or shoulder pain? 

Shockwave Therapy for your heel, elbow or shoulder pain.

There is no pleasure without pain- wisdom passed down for generations. But, for those of us with chronic pain (more than 6 weeks), it seems pleasure is secondary; relief from this constant and nagging pain will do, thank you very much!   Maybe you’ve tried them all; popping pain killers like they’re candy, ice packs that […]

Physiotherapy treatment: What are your biggest fears about dry needling?

Physiotherapy treatment

Did your physician or physiotherapist recommend dry needling for your low back pain or neck pain? Your mind probably went, ‘say what now? Needles? No!’. But you couldn’t say it out loud for fear of being judged. So, here you are, on the internet, googling away; What is a dry needle and how big is […]

Everything you must know about Concussions and the role of Physiotherapy

physiotherapy near me

If you have received a diagnosis of Concussion and you are curious about return to pre-concussion activities, this post is written for you. We understand how frustrating it can be to be recommended rest when you feel absolutely fine. But here is why being patient with yourself and your body can be a life saver.   […]

4 considerations for Physiotherapy after work-related injuries 

Revere Physiotherapy treatment

Injuries or diseases resulting from the workplace can be quite debilitating as they impact multiple areas of your life. In some cases, it might seem difficult for you to determine that symptoms are originating from your workplace. However, if you feel symptoms are being exacerbated at work it might be helpful to talk to your […]