Rehabilitation: When can I return to sport after a sprain?

Person receiving treatment for a sprained ankle.

Sprains are all too common regardless of age and gender or any other differentiating factor. Beit sport related or improper posture during the most common tasks, a sprain can happen toanyone. While some sprains can be managed at home, it is advisable that you book anappointment with your physiotherapist. It’s easy to assume that you […]

Why did the physiotherapist assess my ankle when I have low back pain?

Ankle assessment being performed by a physiotherapist for low back pain

How often have you wondered why your physiotherapist is insistent on checking more than just your localized pain points? For example, you called and specifically requested treatment for low back pain. When you arrive at the clinic, you are asked about your knee and ankle, your physiotherapist explains the reasoning behind the whole-body assessment, but […]

Answering the 5 most-asked questions on whiplash injuries and neck pain.

Physiotherapist performing a manual therapy technique on a patient's neck to address whiplash injuries and neck pain

Typing out ‘whiplash’ on a search engine can lead to two visuals, the first- a fantastic movie about a young aspiring drummer, the second- a more graphic one involving an unfortunate injury.   I genuinely wish you were looking for a review of the movie, that would mean you did not experience the condition and you […]

I don’t like to move it: Physiotherapy for fractures 

Image of a person in a wheelchair receiving physiotherapy from a professional, with a focus on recovering from fractures and regaining mobility.

There’s nothing pleasant about a fracture. Maybe for a second, back in high school; getting your crush to sign on your plaster cast gave you temporary relief, that’s about it.   Fractures are so incredibly painful, as if that wasn’t enough, you must deal with regular doctors’ appointments, the limitation in movement, depending on someone to […]

Physiotherapy management of epicondylitis: tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. 

Physiotherapy management of epicondylitis: tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. 

Being unable to hold your coffee cup or your hair brush with adequate strength can be extremely frustrating. Maybe it’s other activities like gardening in the spring, that are made impossible by your tennis elbow symptoms.  The Canadian Medical Association has estimated that up to 3% of Canadians can have tennis elbow and they fall […]

Will Cognitive Behavior Therapy work for me? 

Will Cognitive Behavior Therapy work for me?

The World Health Organization has recently declared the need for action on mental health as a matter of urgent concern.   1 in 3 Canadians reportedly struggle with their mental health (Angus Reid Institute, 2022) and Statistics Canada says 1 in 3 Canadians will be affected by mental illness in their lifetime.  This is not to […]

Is Plantar fasciitis causing my limp?

If you’re trying to diagnose your own limp, well, you’re not alone. Sometimes, finding and arriving at your own answers can feel quite empowering, especially if the problem is causing you discomfort and debilitation.  The ankle joint is said to withstand up to five times your body weight in normal walking and up to thirteen […]

Osteoarthritis: Physical therapy for hip and knee pain

Osteoarthritis: Physical therapy for hip and knee pain

You’re no spring chicken, you have to make your peace with that.” Is that the response you got from a dismissive-someone when you described your hip or knee pain? Have you gone so far as to believing that about yourself?  If you woke up with stiffness in your hip and knee, maybe even some creaking […]

Holy Cow, -ow, my jaw hurts! – Physiotherapy for TMJ disorder

Physiotherapy exercise for TMJ disorder

Who would’ve thought that you would have to stifle your yawn anywhere but a work meeting or any meeting where the stakes are high? Not me. That’s until I had temporomandibular joint disorder.   If you’re reading this, it is likely you are annoyed at being unable to do the most elementary activities such as yawn, […]

Physiotherapy treatment: What are your biggest fears about dry needling?

Physiotherapy treatment

Did your physician or physiotherapist recommend dry needling for your low back pain or neck pain? Your mind probably went, ‘say what now? Needles? No!’. But you couldn’t say it out loud for fear of being judged. So, here you are, on the internet, googling away; What is a dry needle and how big is […]