Rehabilitation: When can I return to sport after a sprain?

Person receiving treatment for a sprained ankle.

Sprains are all too common regardless of age and gender or any other differentiating factor. Be it sport related or improper posture during the most common tasks, a sprain can happen to anyone. While some sprains can be managed at home, it is advisable that you book an appointment with your physiotherapist.   It’s easy to […]

Why did the physiotherapist assess my ankle when I have low back pain?

Ankle assessment being performed by a physiotherapist for low back pain

How often have you wondered why your physiotherapist is insistent on checking more than just your localized pain points? For example, you called and specifically requested treatment for low back pain. When you arrive at the clinic, you are asked about your knee and ankle, your physiotherapist explains the reasoning behind the whole-body assessment, but […]