Shockwave Therapy

Guaranteed pain relief in 1-3 Shockwave Therapy sessions

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What is Shockwave Therapy?

Soundwaves, referred to as Shockwaves, are non-invasive and used under a controlled setting to enable the body’s natural healing process for chronic conditions. It is highly effective with several patients experiencing pain relief in just 1-3 sessions.
SWT helps to decrease pain, accelerate healing and increase mobility. It is usually used when conservative techniques don’t work for the patient.
It is a preferred treatment modality for long-standing tendinopathies including, but not limited to, tennis elbow, golfers’ elbow, Achilles tendinopathy, and chronic plantar fasciitis.

What to expect from your Revere Physiotherapy experience?

During your visit, your physiotherapist will use their clinical reasoning skills to identify the necessary muscles to shockwave.  What you should expect through the process:

  • Skin around the target joints will need to be exposed. 
  • The machine provides short pulsations that feel like a moderate amount of tapping.
  • Each spot is focused on for about 5 minutes.
  • Most patients don’t report any soreness after treatment.

shockwave treatment therapy vancouver

Direct Billing

Insurance Covered & Submitted for You

Your physiotherapy is covered by most extended health insurance plans. We also direct bill your insurance company when available. Check the FAQ section below for a list of insurers who we direct bill!

Shockwave Therapy FAQ

If you’re looking for shockwave therapy near me, you’ve come to the right place. At Revere Physio Clinic, our experienced physiotherapists offer shockwave therapy (SWT) as a non-invasive treatment option for chronic conditions such as tennis elbow, golfers’ elbow, Achilles tendinopathy, and chronic plantar fasciitis. Most patients experience positive results in 1-3 sessions, and shockwave therapy has a 90% success rate, making it a highly effective treatment modality for those suffering from chronic pain. 

On an average 3-6 sessions of interventions are recommended. This again varies, depending on condition, severity etc. A thorough assessment will help your physiotherapist determine the frequency.

Typically, patients feel a dull pulsation during the session but No soreness after intervention. In some cases, a mild or diffused pain might surface which subsides within a day or two

Pain relief is the first thing most patients report, within 3 sessions.

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