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Jenny Wu is a registered physiotherapist

Jenny Wu

Registered Physiotherapist

Jenny is a physiotherapist who graduated from UBC with a Master’s in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Science. In addition to treating musculoskeletal injuries, Jenny has experience in geriatric fall prevention, joint replacement rehab, inpatient post-operative, and pediatrics.

Jenny believes that physiotherapy treatment should be individualized and uses a variety of treatment techniques to help her clients, such as manual therapy, shockwave therapy, exercise prescription, and education.

When not in the clinic, you might find Jenny at the gym or trying a new local cafe. She also enjoys skiing, hiking, and jogging, and is always inspired to try different activities.

Education Level

  • Master of Physical Therapy, UBC
  • Bachelor of Life Science, UBC

Languages known

  • English
  • Cantonese
  • Toisan

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