How did Revere Physiotherapy come about?

Read on to know our values and what sets us apart from other
Physiotherapy clinics in Vancouver.

Our Approach

Our clinical experience, honest interaction, and feedback from several clients, all led to us start Revere Physiotherapy in 2022. Revere Physiotherapy, started by best friends, is built on the foundation of manual, 1-1 personalised therapy. At the heart of this company is a deep and universal respect for people. To revere is to respect- we started this company to respect you, your time, your body, your voice, your quality of life and most importantly: your right to receive the highest standard of physiotherapy care regardless of age, condition, athleticism, or any other divisive factor.

With a combined experience of 15 years, we at Revere, specialise in thorough whole-body assessments. We use the most effective, highest standards of manual therapy treatments and specialised movement training tailored to your individual needs based on your personal roles, professional roles and lifestyle. We offer 1-1 individualised treatment sessions during which our therapists are present with you for the entire length of the session. We will work with you, hands on, to identify, correct, mobilize, strengthen, restore movement and function so you can enjoy life with same enthusiasm and vigour that defines you.

Quality Physio is here, at Revere

Did you know handshakes date back to 5th Century BC? The first recorded handshake in history was symbolic of a peaceful alliance between two kingdoms. A simple gesture that becomes a powerful pact when it is made in good faith.

Fast forward to 2022, that’s true of us at Revere Physiotherapy!

The open handshake in our logo represents our promise to you, our clients. We see you. We see your pain. We see your injuries. We see the impact of physical limitations on your quality of life. We see you and we promise to provide you with the highest standard of care. That is the pact we are making with you. Having worked with several companies across Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey. We quickly saw the standards of Physiotherapy practice were on a steady decline. With the rise of modality-based Physiotherapy, clinics could cater to a greater number of clients within a one-time slot. This focus on quantity over quality of care meant that manual methods, requiring individual therapists, began to take a back seat. We found that our values and the company’s values were no longer in alignment, and we knew we had to do something and do it differently. Choose Revere Physio Clinic for the best-performance physical therapy.

Our promise is sacred, and we never intend on breaking it

At Revere, we apply a hands-on, one-to-one manual therapy methodology with a gentle release. Our techniques help patients like you restore alignment and mobility in their bodies.

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