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WCB/ICBC Coverage
Direct billing and no user fees while receiving the highest standard of Physiotherapy care after a motor vehicle or work-related injury.
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One-On-One, Hands-On Treatment
Expert in-house Physiotherapists to tailor treatment and physio services to your individual needs.
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Look at our therapists’ schedules and book yourself in. No referral is needed.
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Move Better, Feel Better
Unlock your body's full potential with a kinesiologist.
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Change your thoughts, change your life
A journey towards a better you with a clinical counsellor.
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Quality Care is here, at Revere Physiotherapy

At Revere Physio Clinic, we pride ourselves on being one of the top Physiotherapy clinics in Vancouver. We do our absolute best to provide the most up to date evidence-based physiotherapy services and a strong emphasis on client experience. Our company is pleased to be able to provide high standard physiotherapy treatments with our team of expert therapists. Quality matters and so do you. Visit us and start taking care of yourself today!

Try a Free 10-minute Phone Consultation

At Revere Physiotherapy, we understand that trusting a Physiotherapist with your body and your recovery can sometimes be vulnerable and therefore unsettling. Going by our principle of doing everything we can to help, we offer a free phone consult for you to determine if we’ll be a good fit. Our expert physiotherapists in Vancouver will speak with you to alleviate any apprehension you have about the physiotherapy process, insurance, or clinic policy.

*Please leave a voicemail if we are not reachable*

Were you involved in a car accident or injured at work recently that resulted in aches and pain? Are you unsure about the recovery process going forward? We have expert therapists that specialize in post motor vehicle accidents and workplace injuries with no extra charges to you! We believe that early treatment is crucial to a successful recovery and our team can get you living a painfree life again. 

Please give us a call and we will get you in as soon as possible!  

For more information, please visit our ICBC or WorkSafe claim section.


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